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Biotech Equipment

It is the best biotech Equipment supplier, biotech Equipment Manufacturer, exports company in pune, Maharashtra, India.We provide the best range of extensive biotech Equipments like Gel Documentation System, Agarose Gel Unit, UV Transilluminator, Programmable Power Supply, Gel Rocker, Blue Light Transilluminator, Gel Electrophoresis Tank, Mini Blotting System, Rapid Mini Wet Blot, Rapid Midi Dual Wet Blot and Horizontal immersed Gel Electrophoresis Unit. Our fundamentals combined with extensive, hands-on laboratory experience and internship opportunities, and proteins to create products that change our world for the better. We provide all types of Biotech Equipments. These are below:

Gel Documentation System
Gel Documentation System in Pune
Agarose Gel Unit
Agrosel Gel Unit

Horizontal immersed Gel Electrophoresis Unit
Rapid Midi Dual Wet Blot

Rapid Mini Wet Blot
UV Transilluminator
UV Transilluminator VIVID
Programmable Power Supply
Programmable Power Supply 500v/500ma
Mini Blotting System
Gel Rocker
Gel Rocker
Blue Light Transilluminator
Blue Light Transilluminator
Gel Electrophoresis Tank
Gel Electrophoresis Tank